More often than not a forgery offense is charged as a felony, so if convicted, you’re likely looking at heavy fines and/or time behind bars. Although more commonly thought of as signing someone else’s name with ill-intentions or altering a document, there are many situations that the law interprets as forgery including:

  • Defrauding the state lottery
  • Purposely destroying a document
  • Being in the possession of a forged document
  • Attempting to use a fraudulent membership card
  • Presenting a forged document with the knowledge
  • And more

Check Forgery

Quite possibly the most common type of forgery is check forgery, and the sentencing varies depending on the circumstances of the case. If found forging checks that are greater than $35,000 will likely end up in a fine of $100,000 find and/or 20 years in prison. In a less serious case, one involving less than $250, will lead to a maximum sentence of 1 year in jail and/or a fine of up to $3,000.

No matter what level of forgery you are being accused of, you want to be sure to have the best criminal defense lawyer on your side. Brian Karalus of Karalus Law has helped hundreds of clients over the last two decades to receive reduced or completely dropped sentences. Through his vast knowledge of criminal law and a strong commitment to helping clients of all lifestyles seek justice. He knows how the law works, and he knows that sometimes it is specifically designed to work against you, so he uses his experience with the system to get you the optimal results.

When facing a forgery charge, there is no time to hesitate in finding representation to fight for you and your rights. No matter your situation, you want a trusted defense attorney in Minnesota on your side. Contact Karalus Law today to get started.

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