Are you, or someone you know, facing criminal charges? No matter the situation or accusations, this can be an extremely trying time that can feel overwhelming and give the impression that the justice system is working against you. Without proper knowledge of criminal law and different routes you’re able to take to reduce or dismiss the charges, the battle feels unbeatable with all of the cards stacked against you.

This is where Karalus Law comes in. Having devoted more than 20 years of his career to defending the rights of his clients, Brian Karalus has the experience and information necessary to give you a fair trial. When you hire Brian as your criminal defense lawyer in Minnesota, you’re hiring an attorney that doesn’t rest until he gets the results he’s after.

Even if you’re innocent of all of the charges you are facing, getting the right verdict doesn’t happen without proper representation. Having achieved countless “not guilty” and case dismissals, Brian Karalus has proven himself to be the criminal defense attorney that the residents of Minnesota trust. While other lawyers are too intimidated or lack in skill to be a successful trial lawyer, Brian thrives in these situations. Having successfully represented clients facing the most serious crimes, Karalus Law proves itself time and time again to be the most dependable criminal law firm in Minnesota.

Don’t go into your case proceedings blindly, or with inadequate representation. Instead, go in confidently knowing that you are being represented by a criminal defense attorney that has your rights and your case in the forefront. You’re future is nothing to cast aside or not do everything in your power to protect. Call Karalus Law today to schedule your free initial consultation and from there we will evaluate your options and come up with a strategy tailored for your specific situation.

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