When you or a loved one find yourselves facing criminal charges, it can feel like all of the cards are stacked against you. The justice system is incredibly complex and antagonistic to those that are being charged with a crime, and aside from minor traffic violations, it is absolutely necessary to get reliable representation to help you fight the charges. With over 20 years of experience defending clients from all walks of life that have found themselves on the short end of the justice department’s stick, and receiving numerous “not guilty” and case dismissals, you can count on Karalus Law to fight diligently for the best possible verdict. Even if you are completely innocent of the charges against you, that doesn’t mean that the prosecution won’t do everything in their power to win the case.

On this page, we’d like to provide you with some information to help you gain a better understanding of criminal law, the process, as well as steps that you need to take in order to protect your future. If you are currently facing serious charges, don’t hesitate to reach out to Brian Karalus as soon as possible to get the most dedicated criminal defense attorney on your side.